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I have a filesyste that is represented in an xml document in the following format:

<xml xmlns="namespace1" xmlns:ns2="namespace2">
    <ns2:content name="type">directory</ns2:content>
    <ns2:content name="numErrors">3</ns2:content>
    <ns2:content name="type">file</ns2:content>
    <ns2:content name="docState">success</ns2:content>

What I need to do is, using Python's lxml, retrieve only the entry objects that represent directories. All entries contain a <ns2:content name="docState"> object, but I need to know how to retrieve a list of entry objects where that object's text is equal to directory. I can do this in several inconvenient steps, but I would rather have one query for it. Here is the way I would do it in steps:


for node in tree.xpath("//ns1:entry",namespaces=ns):
    if node.find("ns2:content[@name='type']").text=="directory":
      #do stuff with node

Can anyone explain how to do this within the for statement instead of using an if?


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Use the following XPath expression:

//ns1:entry[ns2:content[@name='type' and .='directory']]
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