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Need to write a grading program , the answers and text grade are conatained in a file , the first line is the answer key for example : TFTFTF , and all the other information are students Id , and their answer , I need to output a file containing student Id , their answers , their grade out of 40 and the only thing i have is this and I don't even think It is right :

static final int maxAnswer =20;

public static void main(String[] args)
        throws FileNotFoundException {

int[] studentID = new int[250];
char [] AnswerArray = new char [maxAnswer];
int [] AnswerKey = new int [maxAnswer]; 

Scanner inFile = new Scanner (new FileReader("C:\\students.txt"));
PrintWriter outFile = new PrintWriter("C:\\studentsout.txt");

if (AnswerKey <=maxAnswer)
    readAnswer(inFile, AnswerArray,AnswerKey);
    compareAnswer (inFile,outFile, studentID,AnswerArray,AnswerKey);
    CourseGrade ();
    System.out.println("The lenght of the Answer Key must be " + maxAnswer);


private static void compareAnswer(Scanner inFile, PrintWriter outFile,
        int[] studentID, char[] answerArray, int[] answerKey) {


public static void readAnswer(Scanner inFile ,char[] answerArray , int[] answerKey){
    int count;
    for (count = 0; count <answerKey; count ++)
        answerArray[count] =(char) inFile.nextInt();

If someone can help me get this done It would be awesome

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  • Read first line of file into a String using Scanner; this is your answer key
  • In a while loop, read each subsequent line, split it into Strings using String.split()
  • Compare the student answers to the answer key, you can iterate through a String with String.charAt()
  • Output results.
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