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First of all I would like to say that I've read this question

What's the proper way to refactor a single file into multiple files and maintain version history in Perforce?

But it is still unclear for me, how to do the same but for slightly different case:

Let's say that you've found one ClassA.cs file with two c# classes ClassA and ClassB defined. So you want to place ClassB to separate file. You creating new file and ctrl-x'ing ClassB declaration to this file. How to tell perforce to maintain history for this file? I was playing with p4 integrate command, but the result of it's work isn't clear for me.


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I would do this:

p4 integ ClassA.cs ClassB.cs
p4 edit ClassA.cs ClassB.cs 

The 'integ' clones ClassA.cs into a local, read-only copy named ClassB.cs. The 'edit' makes the local ClassA.cs and ClassB.cs files writable so you can edit them.

After editing these files to separate the ClassA and ClassB code, submit them:

p4 submit

Now you can use:

p4 filelog -i ClassB.cs

to see the new file's history, including its history as ClassA.cs.

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