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I have a block of text in a <h1> tag. I wish to align the baseline of the text to the bottom of the line. I want to do this to achieve pixel-perfect alignment, true to how the designer wants it and stay within the baseline grid that I've set of 18px. The designers alignments are done to the baseline of the text.

I'm able to achieve this when the text is only on one line by setting the line-height to a value that is less than the font-size.

Text aligned to baseline

When the text increases though and the line wraps, I have no control over the spacing between lines.

Wrapping text aligned to baseline

Increasing the line-height will give me control of the spacing, but I lose the ability to layout the text from the baseline.

How can I achieve the level of alignment that I'm looking for whilst keeping to a baseline grid?

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Not sure, but maybe this will help: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/settingtypeontheweb/

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