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I'm trying to create a JTable with 2 columns, one must show the name of the product, the second one, the price. The problem is that the JTable is very small, so i need a scroll, but i can't create it.

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DefaultTableModel model = new DefaultTableModel();
    JTable productos = new JTable(model);

    model.addColumn("Product");//name of the first columns
    model.addColumn("Price");//name of the second columns
    BTW: the table doesn't show the name of the column, but creates the 2 columns

    for (i=0; i<null_copy4; i++)//null_copy4 is a integer that shows me how many stacks are used in the array
        model.insertRow(model.getRowCount(), new Object[]{product_copy3[i],price_copy3[i]});
           //product_copy3 and price_copy3 are arrays. String[] and integer[].
    products.setBounds(5,50,200,200); //define the dimensions of the JTable
    this.add(productos);//add it to the window
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What about wrapping it in a JScrollPane?

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