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I am developing a functionality to allow facebook users to register in our web application. The approach is:

  1. We will create one app on facebook
  2. Facebook authentication plugin (http://developers.facebook.com/docs/guides/web/#login) will be used in our registration page.
  3. When user clicks on facebook button, facebook login page and then app authorization page are shown.
  4. One user allows/disallows facebook app, user will be redirected to a particular page within our website.

I am not able to find a proper even handler to capture app authorization (allow/disallow event) to redirect user. Can someone help me with this?

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Using the JS SDK:

FB.login(function(response) {
    if (response.status=="connected") {
        // authorized the app
    } else {
        // did not authorized the app
}, {
    perms: 'email'

Trigger a call to this function when the user click the button.

<div class="fb-login-button">Login</div>
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