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I am bidding on a project where the client wants the mobile app delivered in an XCode project as that they can sign it.

Can I build in MonoTouch, then "Export" to Xcode so that I can deliver that to the client?

My experience is that I can build in MonoTouch in roughly 1/2 the time as I can in Xcode. Mostly due to MonoTouch.Dialog and C#'s framework sugar.

I am using MonoTouch Enterprise 5 and MonoDevelop 2.8

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I think a lot depend on the definition of "export to Xcode" and I encourage you to clarify this with your client.

If the technical requirement is simply to sign the application the know that the code signing step, done with MonoDevelop (or with the mtouch command-line tool), is simply calling the codesign tool which is provided by Apple. That step is applied on a fully built .app (directory) so anyone should be able (with the right certificates/keys) to sign it (as long as the .plist data match).

There is also some support to (in mtouch) to build an Xcode project (see --xcode option) that could prove useful. This is something you can (and should) try to ensure it can as is match your (client) requirements.

Finally there could be ways to create a dumb Xcode projects that could be used only to copy and sign files. I'm pretty sure that would be possible with VS.NET/msbuild and MonoDevelop/makefiles - but I don't know Xcode well enough to say if that's a possibility.

Conclusion: the only thing I really don't doubt is that you can make this with MonoTouch[.Dialog]/C# in half the time than other solutions ;-)

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They simply need to sign the app before it goes to the App Store as they hold the production keys. So your first option should work. –  BahaiResearch.com Nov 11 '11 at 0:54

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