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    window.BlobBuilder = window.BlobBuilder || window.WebKitBlobBuilder;

    Blob.prototype.slice = Blob.prototype.slice || function(start, length) {
        return this.webkitSlice(start, start + length);


These codes are from a background page of a Chrome extension. Any idea or hint will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

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window.BlobBuilder = window.BlobBuilder || window.WebKitBlobBuilder;

this says set window.BlobBuilder to what it is already set to if whatever it is set to is truthy; if whatever it's set to currently is falsey, then set it to window.WebKitBlobBuilder. This is a general approach used to assign a value to a variable if it doesn't already have a truthy value. Truthy values are anything that are not falsey values, and the falsey values are

  • null
  • undefined
  • false
  • ''
  • 0
  • NaN

The next line uses similar syntax

Blob.prototype.slice = Blob.prototype.slice || function(start, length) {
    return this.webkitSlice(start, start + length);

This sets the slice function on the Blob prototype object either to itself if the current value is truthy, or to a function that will use the webkitSlice function defined on this (which I assume will be WebKitBlobBuilder in this instance).

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My skin-deep understanding:

window is a object represents an open window/tab in a browser. For more information, see window object section in w3schools.com

window.BlobBuilder means BlobBuilder is a method of the object window, and it's used to create a blob, which is a object used to reference binary data in web applications.

These lines are used to define methods/functions window.BlobBuilder and Blob.prototype.slice so that they are compatible with different web browsers, which may have different names or no name for window.BlobBuilder and Blob.prototype.slice. For example, window.WebKitBlobBuilder replaces window.BlobBuilder in Chrome 12 or higher.

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