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I've been using SVK without any issues the last 6 months. I then attempted to commit a file, when the following error occurred:

%> svk commit -m "Message" foo/bar/file.txt
Commit into mirrored path: merging back directly.
Merging back to mirror source file:///usr/local/svn/repo.
A checksum mismatch occurred: Base checksum mismatch on '/trunk/foo/bar/file.txt':
   expected:  9e421f7db5c4c0d6796c90524456d7f4
     actual:  ed4e76ccf3e54223908179735ecf1e89

Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

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Just needed svk up -s, answer found here:

Working with SVK in a multi-user environment

... svk up is not enough to ensure that your depot reflects the latest changes in the remote repository. Instead you must perform an svk sync (see svk help sync for information about options) to bring the local depot up to date, or pass the -s switch to svk up to achieve the same effect ...

# alternative 1:
svk sync //mirrors/mirrored_repo_name
svk up

# alternative 2:
svk up -s
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