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I'm trying to execute a function in a running (old) Win32 Borland application (Window has class OLW_WINDOW). By using OllyDbg I've found out that the function has one parameter which is a memory address. One variable/value used by the function is stored at an offset of that address. My idea is to find that memory address (which is at an constant offset in a memory block), change the variable/value to what I want and then execute the function. To use WriteProcessMemory and CreateRemoteThread to execute is okey, but the problem is how to find the memory address/block? When opening "Memory map" in OllyDbg the memory block has no owner, section or contains. Is it possible to get a list of memory blocks created by a specified thread? Or could I get it from the application somehow? Btw: the function is normally executed when a button is clicked and the variable/value I want to set is a database ID listed (by name) in a listview (or equivalent).

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If the memory address is a parameter of the function, can't you provide any address you like? –  Harry Johnston Nov 11 '11 at 1:09
I could, but I'm afaird the memory address also contains other variables the function use like database connection handle. But I found a (partial) answer here –  Oyvind E Nov 11 '11 at 12:58

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