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I need to select the one visible span element in a list inside a div like so: $('#videoDesc > span:visible') or $('#videoDesc > span').filter(':visible') and it doesn't work in webkit

These span elements have display: none; set in the stylsheet (I tested removing this and nothing changed). On the style tag of one of them I set its display to inline.

The span elements display is modified using jQuery's show() and hide() functions.

If I call $('#videoDesc > span:hidden'); from the chrome console I get all the elements everytime, doesn't matter which of them I've called show() on. Likewise $('#videoDesc > span:visible'); gets me an empty list: [] everytime.

In firefox and IE I don't have this problem.

I copied this from the chrome console. As you can see span element videoDesc-1 has a style="display: inline;" and it still appears when using :hidden

$('#videoDesc > span').filter(':hidden');
[<span id="videoDesc-1" style="display: inline;">…</span> ,
<span id="videoDesc-2">…</span> , <span id="videoDesc-3">…</span> , 
<span id="videoDesc-4">…</span>]

Is this some sort of webkit bug?

I was able to work around it doing this:

$('#videoDesc > span').each(function(i, e) {
    if (this.style.display != 'none') {

But it bothers me as it seems like a wrong solution, the correct being using :visible but it just doesn't work on webkit

jQuery 1.6.4

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I've seen a similar issue with empty tags and .is(':visible'), specifically in Chrome.<span></span> registered as false, but <span>&nbsp;</span> registered as true. –  DrShaffopolis Dec 28 '12 at 17:13

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I've got the exact problem doing a paginator using jQuery .show() and .hide() to hide or show my elements. This is really a problem with chrome considering display:inline as hidden.

I solved it by replacing this :


by this :

$(whatever).filter(function(){ return $(this).css('display') != 'none';});

or in a function for reutilisation :


function visibleFilter(){
    return $(this).css('display') != 'none';

This is really a fix for chrome and IE as it works on Firefox normally... I hope this can help other people, having the same problem!

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Could you test this: http://jsfiddle.net/FRFpH/

Can't reproduce your problem (tried both in IE, Chrome & FF) :/

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I think I manged to break it jsfiddle.net/FRFpH/7 that is far closer to the actual code, it's inside a table. Still works in FF –  naringas Nov 11 '11 at 1:56
I believe that if the initially displayed element has a block tag (such as <h1> or <p>) then webkit acts a little strange... jsfiddle.net/FRFpH/8 in this example try removing the <p> tag from the 3rd element and it works –  naringas Nov 11 '11 at 4:24
Your right, so strange. Seems like display:inline is the only option bugging chrome. Playing around with it :P –  Marco Johannesen Nov 11 '11 at 7:45

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