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I am attempting to get a window's icon name with python, for use in a pyclutter-based taskbar. I have gotten the XID via wnck, but wnck seems to only be capable of giving me a gtk.gdk.Pixbuf, which is not useful for clutter. I am sure there is some way to do this with python-xlib or python-xcb, I just can't find it :-)

Any ideas?

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I don't believe that icons have names, sorry to say. Perhaps you want the window name? Process name? –  Dietrich Epp Nov 11 '11 at 0:29
No? Am I wrong, or do you usually load it from a theme name such as 'firefox'? Or even if it is a file path, I could use it... –  crazedpsyc Nov 11 '11 at 2:26

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you can use a gdk.Pixbuf to get the icon data and assign it to a clutter.Texture - the C version is:

clutter_texture_set_from_rgb_data (texture,
                                   gdk_pixbuf_get_pixels (pixbuf),
                                   gdk_pixbuf_get_has_alpha (pixbuf),
                                   gdk_pixbuf_get_width (pixbuf),
                                   gdk_pixbuf_get_height (pixbuf),
                                   gdk_pixbuf_get_rowstride (pixbuf),
                                   gdk_pixbuf_get_has_alpha (pixbuf) ? 4 : 3,

but I'm pretty sure you can achieve the same in Python as well.

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Thank you! That's an excellent idea :-) –  crazedpsyc Nov 11 '11 at 14:05

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