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Hello Guys I've a request for you.I've Drinks, Menus and Users routes. I've this code in views/layout/application.html.erb:

<%= render "shared/navigation_bar"

How to make the navigation_bar to render in all the pages except in users pages?

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I finally work around many methods, but I finally come up with a solution(not really stunnin', I must confess) , that works for me.

<% if controller.controller_name == "drinks" %>
  <%= render "shared/navigation_bar" %>
<% elsif controller.controller_name == "menus" %>
  <%= render "shared/navigation_bar" %>
<% end %>

The flow control doesn't include Users's controller, so the navigation_bar layout won't appear on User's pages.

That's it.If you guys have a better alternative just let me know.

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