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I've had a blog since 2003. A few years ago, I moved it from a custom blogging system that I wrote myself to learn PHP to Wordpress. I wrote a custom script to do the import and all fields imported fine (title, date created/edited, post body, meta, replies, etc) EXCEPT the post-slug column. At the time, I either didn't think about the slugs or didn't think I'd ever need them, so the script didn't generate a nice, sanitized slug from the title.

Fast forward until a few weeks ago when I decided to setup pretty permalinks (for SEO and human-readability) that use this format:


All the posts I've created in Wordpress since the import have the sanitized title at the end, but all the posts I imported do not have the title at the end (since the post-slug field is empty for those posts). The pages come up fine with just the id, but I'd like them to have the title. I can't run the custom script again without a lot of modifications because the Wordpress tables have changed somewhat.

Does anyone know of a Wordpress-friendly script or plugin that will generate the slugs for me? I could probably write one myself, however, I'd rather use a tested solution that's stood the test of time (or at least the test of a bunch of Wordpress users who use it).

I've Googled and haven't come across a solution that seems robust/safe enough to suit me.

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I ended up writing my own plugin that generates slugs for posts that don't have them.

Even though this is an apparently obscure problem, maybe this small plugin will be useful to someone besides me.

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Thanks for this! Worked well for a custom blog that I just migrated to WP (10 years worth of posts) Cheers! – Darryl E. Clarke Dec 31 '11 at 21:19

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