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My PHP side sends reponse to ajax like that

$data = array(
            'status' => $status,
            'message' => $message
    echo json_encode($data);

My ajax looks like that

               url: formUrl,
               type: formMethod,
               dataType: "json",
               data: formData,
               success: function (data) {
                  //setup variables
                  var responseData = jQuery.parseJSON(data), cl, text;

                  //response conditional
                  switch (responseData.status) {
                  case 'error':
                     cl = 'error';
                     text = responseData.message;
                  case 'success':
                     cl = 'success';
                     text = 'Qeydiyyat uğurla başa çatdı';

                     cls: cl,
                     html: text


Getting responseData is null error message. But (from firebug XHR) I see that php actually echoes result. What could be the reason?

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declaring variables cl, text, responseData = jQuery.parseJSON(data). I dunno what does jQuery.parseJSON. – heron Nov 11 '11 at 1:25
You do not need parseJSON, because it will already be ready to be parsed, if you do alert(data.status) it will work (remove the parseJSON first). – MacMac Nov 11 '11 at 1:30
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I believe jQuery is smart enough to parse the response JSON for you such that the data parameter passed to your callback has already been parsed. So you can just access data.status, etc. directly.

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