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i successfully installed the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, it works pretty nice. Im trying to import an SQL Compact database (sdf) for a application i want to develop, the problem is, when im adding the "Connection" on "Server explorer" i doesn't give me the option to add an "SQL Compact" I have also installed the VS2008, on that version it shows, but i wanted to do on VS2010, i installed the SQL Compact 3.5 and 4 for VS2010 but still the problem.

Also the "sqlcetoolbox" from codeplex doesn't work it gives me some weird errors when im trying to add an SQL Compact 3.5 or 4 on to my proyect.

My dvd of VS2010 doesn't come with a option for "SQL Compact" on Advanced Install when im on the setup.

What im doing wrong?

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Sounds like SQL Server Compact is not properly installed. Go to about box in the Toolbox to check the status.

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It doesn't appear on the About box the SQL Compact Edition. – Enrique Benitez Nov 11 '11 at 16:50

Try installing SQL Compact with nuget.

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