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I am using suds 0.4.1 with exchange 2007 and basic authentication. I get a 401 error even though I can login with those credentials through a browser. Here is my code:

from suds import *

c = client.Client(url='path_to_wsdl', username='my_username', password='my_password')

And here is the exception I am getting:

Suds EWS error: suds.transport.TransportError: HTTP Error 401: basic auth failed
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Are you sure Basic works? Probably NTLM. If you have access the server via regular http, and not just SSL, then you should be ale to see the Authorization headers. – Ajith Antony Jul 19 '12 at 21:50

You need to use an NTLM transport object.

Examples here:

I haven't really gotten it to work for myself either but I've managed to get past the 401 errors.

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