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Can someone can give me some insights on how facebook's api login or any api login at all could work with a database mysql? For instance, I could write up a login/registration form and have the user input their information into my database, and when I login, it will direct me to a user's page with PHP's conditions of users password and username/email and it will go through my database to match if it is correct. Also, I can do various things in my site with user's information is in my database

But if the user does not have a username/email and password in my database, but I'm allowing them to access my site with facebook's api login, how does my site's mysql database run with facebook's api?

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U need to study OAuth / Oauth2.

Oauth (Open Authorization) is a Standard Protocol for Authorization and Authentication purposes. You can let User's use your API without asking for their login credentials.

A very good link to study OAuth.

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