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I have a multilingual site on which users are able to publish their profile information on different language. E.g. English and German. By default English version must be completed before it will be published.

Now the important part is that German version may be completed or may be not, since user may not speak German and therefore skip that part of profile.

When a visitor lands on a published profile page, I try to detect visitor language and give him back profile version on his language. If no profile version on visitors language available, English version will be returned. Web page template is fully translated though.

Therefore basically 2 webpages exist on same url with either partially same content (same template, but different profile language) or different (if user done the translation for his profile).

I've read a lot about 301 and link canonical techniques. This post I find especially useful, but still it does not describe my situation, where it is up to user to provide translated content. http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2010/09/unifying-content-under-multilingual.html

Now I plan to setup a subdomains for every locale. E.g. de.example.com for German. www.example.com will be canonical.

Considering above, I haven't decided yet whether I should implement 301 from locale subdomains to canonical, or put link canonical in the header. I am concerned about potentially duplicate content in both versions - canonical and localized.

As well as I am not quite sure what should I do about sitemaps in this situation. Should I provide a separate sitemap for every subdomain or should I just stick with one for canonical?

I am really looking forward to hear some advices from experts.

Thank you.

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As general advice.

01 - if you use sub-domains for every language ex: en.domain.com and de.domain.com make sure they have only UNIQUE CONTENT for that specific language.

If you already have your site with both languages on the same page ex: domain.com (showing the a profile with both language german and english) I would remove the content in german, and create another page on the de.domain.com site with that profile.... from the domain.com I would add a link to the de.domain page and removing the content in german. In this case you wound not need redirect with 301.

I hope I was able to explain myself, feel free to ask me if I was not clear.

Hope it could help.

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