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We are looking for a charting tool. We have already tried sencha(ext-js). We are not able to export the chart images. (any pointers as to how we can export jpegs from charts would also be good.) So we would like know if there are any good charting tools- preferably free/open source.

Some of the constraints/requirements are:

  • support Back-end- ASP.NET application

  • Javascript is preferred

  • support line graphs, bar charts etc

  • support on desktop as well as tablet browsers. Customer doesn't want silverlight

  • work in pre-HTML5 environment

  • support for multiple axes (More than two. For example 2 vertical axes and a horizontal one) JSON support

  • support for icons (legends, small images, etc) on the graphs

  • ability to view values(co-ordinates) of a point plotted on the graph, a pop-up/ tool-tip view of a point

  • ability to zoom in an area/range (like date range) of interest

  • show/hide a particular line (curve) on a graph multiple curves. multi-color support for different various line/pies

  • ability to export the graph as an image. (If user hides a line on a multi-line curve graph, the exported image should not show that line)

  • ability to export the data of current graph state would be an advantage(not a requirement)

  • resizing consistent with browser

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What do you mean by "pre-HTML5 environment"? –  ddrace Nov 11 '11 at 4:51
thanks for the link. –  Atul Nov 11 '11 at 6:04

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Have you tryed Microsoft Chart Controls?.

Here are some samples: http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/mschart

.NET Framework 4 has them buit in. If you are targeting an earlier framework version you have to download them (download link is also on the page mentioned above)

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