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I am new to implement the ListView with section.

I have use this application to implement the section to my list view.

Now I want to add the Titlebar that display the application page title. Then where do I have to make a change? In the xml file or in the Java file?

Please refer the example and let me tell what should I have to change to make Titlebar for my app.

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Try this...

final Activity activity = this;

if you disabled the title bar using, this.requestWindowFeature(Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE); remove it.


Try this..

        final Activity activity = this;
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There are two ways to change title bar for your activity:

  1. Design time (that is, change title in AndroidManifest.xml file).
  2. By coding (that is, you can code to change the activity title).

Example for 1st:

you can Change the Title of each screen (i.e. Activity) by setting their Android:label inside the AndroidManifest.xml file:

<activity android:name=".Hello_World"
                  android:label="This is the Hello World Application">

And yes, to display customized title bar for your activity, go through this answer: Change title bar text in Android

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In your AndroidManifest.xml file you have a section for each activity that looks like this

        android:label="Your Activity"
        android:name=".YourActivity" />

where the android:label tag defines what the text in the titlebar is.

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