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In my silverlight application I have a chart control which has a Dependency property say MinX.

Every time value of MinX is changed the chart is redrawn hence the Axis and labels are repaint. I have a custom converter XAxisLabelTextConverter for label text. By default converter is shared. If I make converter non shared using x:shared="false" it creates a new converter instance for each label.

<Controls:GOTControlFx x:Name="GOTControlFx"
                                         DataItemCollection="{Binding ChartItemCollection}"
                                         MaxX="{Binding XAxisMaxDateTimeOA}"
                                         MinX="{Binding XAxisMinDateTimeOA}">
                    <c1:Axis IsTime="True" AnnoFormat="HH:mm">
                          Text="{Binding ConverterParameter={RelativeSource Self}, 
                          Converter={StaticResource XAxisLabelTextConverter}}" />

My requirement is each time MinX value is changed a new converter should be created and that should be used to convert values for all the labels.

So, question is how can I create a new instance of XAxisLabelTextConverter each time MinX Dependency property value is changed?

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But why do you need to create a new instance everytime? –  Rohit Vats Nov 11 '11 at 7:35
There is field in my converter class which has to be reset each time MinX changes i.e. when chart is redrawn. –  Maheep Nov 11 '11 at 8:36
You can pass any bool value as binding to the converter which will hold value true in case chart is redrawn and depending on that value, you can reset your field. –  Rohit Vats Nov 11 '11 at 9:02

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