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I have written following code which is resulting in concurrent modification exception. How can I prevent it ? The idea is to escape all values of the Map and reconstruct the object (dO) back with new param map.

    try {
        Map<String,String[]> paramMap = dO.getParameterMap();
        Set<Map.Entry<String, String[]>> entries = paramMap.entrySet();
        Iterator<Map.Entry<String, String[]>> it = entries.iterator();
        while (it.hasNext()) {
            Map.Entry<String, String[]> entry = it.next();
            String[] values = entry.getValue();
            List<String> valList = new ArrayList<String>();
            if (values != null) {
                for (String value : values) {

//Please note that Parameter is a hashMap so , Is it required to remove the entry first before inserting or it will replace the new value associated with key . How it works in Java ?

                dO.addParameter(entry.getKey(),valList.toArray(new String[valList.size()]));
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the exception is thrown because you are adding/removing things from the map while you are iterating it:

dO.addParameter(entry.getKey(),valList.toArray(new String[valList.size()]

you should use iterator.remove() instead.

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Not sure you need to alter the keys of Map, it appears all you want to do is alter the values in the arrays.

for(String[] values: dO.getParameterMap().values()) 
    for (int i = 0; i < values.length; i++) 
        values[i] = escapeHTML(values[i]);

I would make sure the Map does have null values stored. But if you can't change this you will need to add if(values != null)

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You should remove/add only if you are changing a key in a map. As I see in the code, you are changing only value. Hence you could use entry.setValue(...) instead.

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