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In code ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("IsFill") showing null

but when i open exe.config file manually that key is present in file

den i modify exe.config file using below code

Dim configFile As Configuration
                    configFile = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(Application.ExecutablePath)
                    configFile.AppSettings.Settings("AppVersion").Value = "1.0.1"

ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("AppVersion") value is changed but when i open exe.config manually changes not shows.

means if u modify exe.config file from outside,eg. like u add one more key in exe.config then that new key is not getting in code when i am using below code


now u conclude that both files r different - which i open manually & other one i open in code but path is same , same file i m opening .

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You can use

ConfigurationManager.RefreshSection("section to refresh")
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above error came in only windows7 OS. because windows7 doesnt reflect exe.config value. after restart or log off it shows reflected value.

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