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In one of my iOS project I have add a sub-module added, lets say a friend of my wants to pull it including the submodule, how can he do this? Whenever I tried to download the zip file from github it doesn't pull the submodule along with it

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You can clone with the --recursive option in order to automatically initialize and update the submodules (and any submodules that those submodules contain, etc.)

git clone --recursive <URL-OF-REPOSITORY>
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That's by design. Get the submodules as a second step.

git clone git://url...
cd repo
git submodule init
git submodule update

Then afterwards, add another step after the git pull.

git pull ...
git submodule update --recursive

Of course, this only works if the submodules are set up correctly in the first place...

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Extremely useful answer: I find myself forgetting --recursive from git clone all the time. –  Victor Sergienko Aug 13 at 11:37

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