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I am using Brads Dialog Presenter.

It works great, but i only have 1 problem...

I can't get it so that the dialog shows Center Screen.

Can anyone help me here please.

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This converter worked for me.

In DialogPresenter.Generic.xaml

<controls:DragCanvas Name="DialogCanvas">
  <Grid x:Name="Dialog"  ...>
        <MultiBinding Converter="{StaticResource CenterConverter}" ConverterParameter="top">
            <Binding ElementName="DialogCanvas" Path="ActualWidth" />
            <Binding ElementName="DialogCanvas" Path="ActualHeight" />
            <Binding ElementName="Dialog" Path="ActualWidth" />
            <Binding ElementName="Dialog" Path="ActualHeight" />
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There are a couple of ways you can get the dialog centered.

  1. In the DialogPresenter class, update the Show() method to set the window.WindowStartupPosition = WindowStartupLocation.CenterScreen.

  2. Write a custom TriggerAction and override Invoke to do the following.

    var window = Window.GetWindow(this.AssociatedObject); window.WindowStartupLocation.CenterScreen

    then attach the trigger action to the ControlTemplate in the triggers section. You would use an EventTrigger using the LoadedEvent and calling your TriggerAction.

Note: If you have ExpressionBlend, it makes dragging TriggerActions to the UI easy because it writes the EventTrigger part for you.

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