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I have create a Class named "EngDictionary". and Then i define a dictionary in a function e.g:

public void Dict()
        Dictionary<string, string> d = new Dictionary<string, string>();
        d.Add("Classifieds", "Kleinanzeigen");
        //d.Add("windows", 5);   

Now i want to access above defined dictionary from my main class for retrieving the keys and values of my Dictionary. Please Suggest me some code. I am using Visual C# 2008 Express Edition, Win Application

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Declare Dictionary as class property.

public class Dict {

   private Dictionary<string, string> dict;
   public SomeDictionary { get dict; set dict = value; }

   public Dict() {
      dict = new Dictionary<string, string>();
      dict.Add("Classifieds", "Kleinanzeigen");

In other class:

Dict d = new Dict();
string test = d.SomeDictionary["Classifieds"];
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return the dictionary from the method.

public Dictionary<string, string> Dict() {.... ; return d;}

In your main class.

EngDictionary dict = new EngDictionary();
Dictionary<string, string> dictionary = dict.Dict();
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You can declare Dictionary<string, string> d as a member variable of your class , and initialize this object in the class constructor.You can have a getter method to get the dictionary in other classes.

public class EngDictionary
    Dictionary<string, string> dictionary;
    public void EngDictionary()
        dictionary = new Dictionary<string, string>();
        dictionary.Add("Classifieds", "Kleinanzeigen");

   public Dictionary<string, string> getDictionary()
         return this.dictionary;

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