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Am building a confirm dialog with fancybox. This is the module handling the creating of the dialog

var Utility = (function() {
function confirm_dialog(title,msg,callback)
            var ret;
            $.fancybox('<div class="confirm-dialog"></div>',
                'modal' : true,
                'transitionIn' : 'none',
                'transitionOut': 'none',
                'speedIn' : 300,
                'speedOut' : 300,
                'autoScale' : false,
                'scrolling' : 'no',
                'overlayShow' : true,
                'overlayOpacity' : 0.3,
                'overlayColor' : '#666',
                'onComplete':function() {
                            ret = true;
                    $('.cancelBtn').click(function() {
                        ret = false;
                'onClosed':function() {
            var html = '<div class="confirm-box">'+
                       '<div class="confirm-title">'+title+'</div>'+
                       '<div class="confirm-msg">'+msg+'</div>'+
                       '<div class="confirm-buttons">'+
                       '<button class="okBtn">Ok</button>'+
                       '<button class="cancelBtn">Cancel</button>'+
        return {  dialog : confirm_dialog }

This is how am implementing my confirm dialog

Utility.dialog('Delete Pheed','Are sure you want to delete this pheed ?',

the fancy box show up but the dialog does not show, what am i doin wrong

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The fancy box api has the content option which can include html content. Instead of generating the content of the confirm-dialog div you could include it directly.

EDIT: Please make sure that you have fancybox version 1.3+ for content to work.

I am not sure about this, and please correct me if I am wrong, the problem with this approach is that the confirm-dialog div might not be found in the dom elements after the the fancybox function is called.

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I'll try using the content option – MrFoh Nov 11 '11 at 8:41

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