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D:\Test>ant -v
Apache Ant(TM) version 1.8.2 compiled on December 20 2010
Trying the default build file: build.xml
Buildfile: D:\Test\build.xml
Detected Java version: 1.5 in: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_22\jre
Detected OS: Windows XP
parsing buildfile D:\Test\build.xml with URI = file:/D:/Test/build.xml
Project base dir set to: D:\Test

D:\Test\build.xml:6: Open quote is expected for attribute "dir" associated with an  elemen
t type  "mkdir".
        at org.apache.tools.ant.helper.ProjectHelper2.parse(ProjectHelper2.java:320)
        at org.apache.tools.ant.helper.ProjectHelper2.parse(ProjectHelper2.java:178)
        at org.apache.tools.ant.ProjectHelper.configureProject(ProjectHelper.java:82)
        at org.apache.tools.ant.Main.runBuild(Main.java:793)
        at org.apache.tools.ant.Main.startAnt(Main.java:217)
        at org.apache.tools.ant.launch.Launcher.run(Launcher.java:280)
        at org.apache.tools.ant.launch.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:109)
Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Open quote is expected for attribute "dir" assoc
iated with an  element type  "mkdir".
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.createSAXParseExcep
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.fatalError(ErrorHan
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLErrorReporter.reportError(XMLErrorRe
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLErrorReporter.reportError(XMLErrorRe
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLScanner.reportFatalError(XMLScanner.
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLScanner.scanAttributeValue(XMLScanne
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLNSDocumentScannerImpl.scanAttribute(
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLNSDocumentScannerImpl.scanStartEleme
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl$Fragment
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.scanDocu
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.XML11Configuration.parse(XML11Config
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.XML11Configuration.parse(XML11Config
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.XMLParser.parse(XMLParser.java:148)
        at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.AbstractSAXParser.parse(AbstractSAXP
        at org.apache.tools.ant.helper.ProjectHelper2.parse(ProjectHelper2.java:307)
        ... 6 more

Total time: 0 seconds


When I run the ant-v command instead of creating the build I got the above message and everything regarding variables was done correctly. I was unable to correct it and create the build. Can any one rectify the mistake?


<?xml version = "1.0"?>
<project name="test" default="compile" basedir=".">
    <property name="src" value="."/>
    <property name="build" value="build"/>
    <target name="init">
        <mkdir dir="${build}"/>
    <target name="compile" depends="init">
        <javac srcdir="${src}" destdir="${build}"/>
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Can you copy the build.xml file on here? maybe @sudocode it's right, but we need more info to resolve it. –  NeoMorfeo Nov 11 '11 at 8:42

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I looks like you have invalid content in your build.xml file (missing open quote) at line 6.

You might have something like this

<mkdir dir=foo/>

You need something like this

<mkdir dir="foo"/>
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I have done that too dude. but in vain –  Bharath Gupta Nov 11 '11 at 9:30
I'm not sure if you mean that my answer helped you or not. If not, please post the content (or at least the start) of your build.xml file. –  sudocode Nov 11 '11 at 9:32
Thanks friend, the answer u have given is right as per the syntax but in my PC it is giving an error as above and even though I have corrected and tried, the same is repeating. –  Bharath Gupta Nov 11 '11 at 9:40
Strange. I can execute the build file you posted without error. But if I remove the opening quote from the mkdir dir attribute, I reproduce your error. Are you sure you are editing the same buildfile that you are executing? (BTW, you should post the buildfile in your question, where it can be formatted, not in a comment). –  sudocode Nov 11 '11 at 9:58

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