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In Vim, whenever I want to open a file additional to the currently open file(s), I use

:split (or :vsplit)

I do this by typing :sp<TAB>. In Vim6 this used to complete to :split. These days VIm7 is installed everywhere by default, and it completes to :sp<TAB> to :spelldump. I know I could type :spl<TAB>, but you know, muscle memory.

Is there some way I can tell VIm to give precedence to :split?

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If you don't use tab:

:sp .vimrc

Then you will split. :sp is the same as :split.

Confirmed in v7.3.286.

If you (or your muscle memory) really want to type:


Then you could create a mapping with :cnoremap:

:cnoremap sp<tab> split<space>
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No clue why I never figured out that :sp is the same as :split! Thx. –  klokop Nov 11 '11 at 9:15

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