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My Pagination does not work as it displays an error when I click next, the error is $value (Undefined variable: value) is not passed on to the second page or third page. Please assist. I realised that the value is being passed but the error still occurs (<< previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | next >>). I am not sure how to debug the pagination as I do not know the error. How to debug this? Please help.

 function simple_search() { 
        $this->layout = "mainLayout";
        $this->User->unBindModel(array('hasMany' => array('Topic','Post')),false);



        //exact user search
        $result1_userList =array(0=>0);

        //match user search
        $result2_userList =array(0=>0);

        //exact passion search
        $result3_userList =array(0=>0);


        //Get the id of users from extact search
                    'User.firstName Like'=>$value.'%',
                    'User.lastName Like'=>$value.'%',
                    ' Like'=>$value.'%',
                    'User.displayName Like'=>$value.'%'

        //search for splits and get the id that is not from the above ids
        $searches = explode(" ", $value);        
        $conditions = array();

        $or_conditions = array();
        $final_conditions = array();
        $search_fields = array('User.firstName', 'User.lastName', '', 'User.displayName'); 

        foreach ($search_fields as $f) {

            for ($i = 0; $i < count($searches); $i++) {
                if ($searches[$i] != "") {
                    array_push($conditions, array("$f Like" => "$searches[$i]%"));

            array_push($or_conditions, array('OR' => $conditions));
            $conditions = array();

         $match_condition = array('OR' => $or_conditions);
         $result2_userList = $this->User->find('list',array('conditions'=> $match_condition,'limit'=>100,'order'=>'rand()'));


         if($result1_userList==null|| empty($result1_userList)){
              $result1_userList =array(0=>0);

         if($result2_userList==null|| empty($result2_userList)){
              $result2_userList =array(0=>0);

         if($result3_userList==null|| empty($result3_userList)){
              $result3_userList =array(0=>0);

        $finalResults_userList = $result1_userList + $result2_userList + $result3_userList;

        $this->User->recursive = 1;

      $this->paginate = array('conditions' => array('' =>$finalResults_userList),
                                'limit' => 10);

      $this->set('data', $this->paginate('User'));

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$value does not exist if this statement is not true: if(isset($this->params["url"]["value"])).. so maybe it's an url rewriting issue.. or maybe you just lose it from the url.. so check how you can add custom parameters to your pagination urls – mishu Nov 11 '11 at 9:24
@mishu in my view page this is my pagination parameters $this->Paginator->options(array('url' =>"")); echo $this->Paginator->counter(array( 'format' => __('Page %page% of %pages%, showing %current% users out of %count% total users', true) )); – Dwayne Johnson Nov 11 '11 at 9:39
solved already. – Dwayne Johnson Nov 18 '11 at 3:12

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