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I am writing a curl script for collecting information about some sex offenders, i have developed the script that is picking up links like given below:

http://criminaljustice.state.ny.us/cgi/internet/nsor/... (snipped URL)

Now when we go on this link I want to get information under all the fields on this page like Offender Id:, last name etc. into my own variables. I am very weak in regex that is why I am here. Or is there another way?

Can anybody help me in doing that?

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phpQuery is very nice for screen-scraping in PHP. It lets you access the DOM using the same methods jQuery has.

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can yo tell me more about php query how it works? – chinmay upadhyaya May 2 '09 at 4:31

I tend to agree with the previous poster about RegEx not being the right tool for the job. If you just want a quick and dirty expression, here goes:

Offender Id:.*
.* [0-9]*

NOTE: You must include the newline in this expression. Also note that this is very fragile as it will break if the source that your are parsing changes much at all.

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