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Before updating phpunit everything was ok, function assertRedirectTo() worked as it should, but after updating it shows this error:

Declaration of Zend_Test_PHPUnit_Constraint_Redirect::evaluate() should be compatible with that of PHPUnit_Framework_Constraint::evaluate()

Can anybody explain what exactly happened?

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Yes, I ran into this problem too two days ago. But on the unfortunetly Zend Framework 1.x is not going to support PHPunit 3.6 or higher :-(

So the best thing is that you go back to 3.5 which is the latest version Zend Framework supports.

Check this:


Here you can read they will proberly make ZF2 supporting 3.6: http://zend-framework-community.634137.n4.nabble.com/Running-the-zend-unit-tests-with-the-phpunit-3-6-PHP-CodeCoverage-Filter-getInstance-problem-td4023996.html

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thank you, you answer very fast! –  Plootor Nov 11 '11 at 10:58

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