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Basically I have a detailsview, dependent on what query it is I have certain BoundFields I'd like to show or hide.

Using visual basic, I know that I can use .visible = false. That does the trick, however, it sacrifices my alternating row style in the process.

Any ideas?


By the way if you write it in C# I will probably understand.

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Please show us the code where you are changing the BoundField's visibility. –  Jose Basilio Apr 30 '09 at 21:47
If the detailsview row to hide it row 2.. DetailsView1.Rows(2).Visible = False –  goodwince May 1 '09 at 14:50
there is no property called Rows on a DetailsView –  splatto Dec 10 '09 at 15:35

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What you need to do is create several asp:panel objects. Inside each panel object, put a single DetailsView. In your codebehind, you will want to show the panel that contains the proper DetailsView for your query, and hide the rest of the panels.

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