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I'm trying to intercept an event when a user makes a change to a property sheet (view).

I have tried adding PropertyChangeListeners and NodeListeners to the node, neither of which fires an event when the node is changed. Also, I tried adding a PropertyChangeListener to the PropertySheetView itself, but no dice.

Any ideas what I'm missing?

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You need to add PropertyChangeSupport to your model (whatever object your Nodes are wrapping).

private PropertyChangeSupport support = new PropertyChangeSupport(this);

// add interested listeners here
public void addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) {

// don't forget to remove them
public void removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) {

Then when you change a model's value through the UI, you can fire a property change in the property's setter:

public void setMyValue(String myValue) {
    String oldValue = this.myValue;
    this.myValue = myValue;
    support.firePropertyChange("myValue", oldValue, this.myValue);

See the NetBeans Nodes API tutorial for more details. Also, you'll probably have better luck and quicker responses if you asked questions about the NetBeans Platform in the NetBeans Platform Users forum.

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