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I would like to have two bat files.

  • BAT1 : list of functions
  • BAT2 : calls one specific function in BAT1.

BAT1 :

@echo off              
echo ALPHA             
goto end            

echo BETA                        
goto end            


BAT2 :

@echo off             
call bat1.bat             
goto BETA                        

This obviously does not work. I tried some other changes without result.

BAT1 : returns ALPHA and never BETA.
What I whant to do is to RUN BAT2, which will call BETA in BAT1.

If you think it is possible, please help me. I have found no solutions on internet else how to call a value in an external file. But it does not resolve my problem.

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1 Answer

Use arguments when calling bat1. Then in bat1 check the input parameter and go to the label you want.

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OK I've found how to, thank you for your quick answer. With an argument it works perfectly. Thanks a lot ! –  user1041464 Nov 11 '11 at 10:26
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