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I went to check the url supposed to be ?value=teaching, the actual error URL is http://localhost/xconnect_Final3/searches/simple_search/?value/page:2

How can I get the value from my search_controller?

$this->Paginator->options(array('url' => '?value'));
echo $this->Paginator->counter(array(
    'format' => __('Page %page% of %pages%, showing %current% users out of %count% total users', true)

The below code is in my search_controller


    $this->User->recursive = 1;

  $this->paginate = array('conditions' => array('User.id' =>$finalResults_userList),
                            'limit' => 10);
  $this->set('data', $this->paginate('User', $finalResults_userList));
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I would go for named params, but does $this->Paginator->options(array('url' => '?value='.$value)); do anything for you? Given that you have $this->set(compact('value')); in your controller. –  wrdevos Nov 11 '11 at 10:42
solved already. –  Dwayne Johnson Nov 18 '11 at 3:12

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