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I wanted to know if I can set a folder pointer location in a class or some place which can be easily be handled. Can I easily set the location of the images or the content that I am storing in this folder to be managed through these classes, instead of altering the code one by one?

For example, if I move to a cloud tomorrow, I just need to change the pointer in the class and not the entire code of 10 pages and the other way around.

Or in simple words: I am planing to store a bunch of images in C# in folders, but I don't want to hardcode the location of these folders. I was wondering if i can store the location in a specific class.

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You can put some config information like this in your web.config file. Here is part of mine:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <location inheritInChildApplications="false">
          <add key="domain" value="http://localhost:4059"/>
          <add key="GridRows" value="50"/>

Then you can get at these properties like this:

String websiteDomain = WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["domain"];
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  1. constants
  2. configuration handlers (MSDN)

I usually prefer to embed resources as... embedded resources (MSDN HowTo)

PS. Though not necessarily a good choice, you could even do loosely what you say "I was wondering if i can store the location in a specific class": create a class in a separate assembly, use that assembly as a poor-man's-configuration file, simply replacing it with a custom compiled assembly. What this really is doing is akin to 'plugin' loading - this time, the plugin tells you where (and possibly, how) to find the program's resources.

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You can store the location in the configuration file - the app.config or web.config file.

Use the ConfigurationManager class to read from it.

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Proceed with web.config or in use a database table to store the settings. Create a form to add/edit the folder value. I think, it is not a good idea to store it in class. If you want to change it, you have to compile the code.

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