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I am using Titanium Studio for my first Android App. In the documentation I've come across Ti.API.info() to print any debug message. But I am not able to figure out where exactly does it print. Please help me.

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Ti.API.info() prints to the console. So, I have a function like this:

function OnAppResume()
  Ti.API.info('***---> OnAppResume');

$.window.addEventListener("open", function() {
    var activity = $.window.activity;
    activity.addEventListener('resume', OnAppResume);

I run it. I'll get this response in the console.

[INFO][TiAPI ( 702)] ***---> OnAppResume

BTW, $. is the new convention for Alloy MVC. Don't let it throw you off. Hope that helps.

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I personally use the DDMS console log in Eclipse. Ti.API.info() doesn't work for Android in Titanium Studio however it does log to the console. See attached image.


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Ti.API.info() prints whatever inside the brackets in the console. for example :

btnSubscribePush.addEventListener('click', function(){
   Ti.API.info('subscribed to push notification');//Printing your message to console
   wndSubscribe.close();//Closing the window
   Ti.API.info('Your message printing here');//Printing your message to console

You just check the console window, the message will be printed in the console as shown in the figure


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@Mike: thanks for the information:) –  Anand Dec 5 '12 at 5:41
@Anand: Thanks! –  Sandeep Jan 3 '13 at 6:29

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