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I have implemented one reminder iphone applicaion in which I have used local notification for reminder.

In this application their one functionality alert on/off.

So when user set on then user get notification and if its off then user can get notification.

I have done googling but not got sucess.

Can you give me idea for that is it possible or not.

Thanks in advance

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disabling local notification means kinda snoozing or removing the notification..?? –  mAc Nov 11 '11 at 12:24

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Do you have other notifications in your appln.

If you don't have other notification in your app than,

Do one thing,

When you set OFF - cancel all the notification
- calculate the time difference of current time & your notification firing time. set this in to some variable.

when you set it ON - reschedule your Notification based on the time which you have saved earlier.

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I am considering that you know how UISwitch works, according to switch position

      UILocalNotification *localNotif;
     //if switch is on 
     localNotif = [[UILocalNotification alloc] init];

    //else if localNotif is not equal to null then 
     localNotif = nil;

You can start a timer which continuously check switch position and do the above stuff that depends on your coding.

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