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Is there any way to get data from cassandra through phpcassa using a clauses?

I need to select all rows where sum<10. For example the function in phpcassa get_range() selects only rows which equals certain values.

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i found the solution There needs to use cassandra_IndexOperator when creating index expression wiki.apache.org/cassandra/API –  Undrooleek Nov 11 '11 at 12:17

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Normally with PHPCassa, you would use indexes:

As per http://thobbs.github.com/phpcassa/tutorial.html // slightly enhanced:

$column_family = new ColumnFamily($conn, 'Indexed1');
$index_exp_eq = CassandraUtil::create_index_expression('gender', 'male', $op='EQ');
$index_exp_gt = CassandraUtil::create_index_expression('sum', 10, $op='GT');
$index_clause = CassandraUtil::create_index_clause(array($index_exp_eq, $index_exp_gt));
$rows = $column_family->get_indexed_slices($index_clause);
// returns an Iterator over:
//    array('winston smith' => array('birthdate' => 1984))

foreach($rows as $key => $columns) {
    // Do stuff with $key and $columns

With your scenario, you cannot simply have a single index expression with sum<10 ... You must have the first index expression with an EQ operator and subsequent index expressions with other Operators.

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but if a haven't any columns which is equal to any data that i have? –  Undrooleek Nov 15 '11 at 14:18
then you're stuck and need to re-organize or duplicate more of your data to suit your specific requirements. you can cheat by adding all rows where sum<10 to a specific row and do a get on that row... –  sdolgy Nov 15 '11 at 19:26

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