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I am writing an installer using wix. For silent installation using msiexec, i would like to provide few parameters from the commandline which i want to set to wix properties.

These properties I am using to enable/disable few features.

Can anyone please tell me how to read those command line properties passed to msiexec. Using C++ Custom Action we read using MsiGetProperty

Thanks a lot..

Best Regards, Marc

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You should also look into the ADDLOCAL property. You can probably simplify your problem with a command line like:

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Thanks a lot. It was very helpful :) –  Mark Nov 15 '11 at 15:00

A Feature element can use one or more Condition elements as children. A feature condition can use installer properties directly in their formatted form, for example:

[PROPERTY_NAME] = "value"

Each feature Condition element must use a Level attribute. In your case it can be 0 so the feature is not installed when the condition is met. Basically, you will set a condition for skipping the feature.

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Thanks a lot :) It was really very helpful. –  Mark Nov 15 '11 at 15:02

To make the property available from the command line you should define it using an upper case name. I often use a launch condition to check the properties have been passed on the command line:

<Property Id="PROPNAME" Admin="yes" />
<Condition Message="Public Property PROPNAME not passed">Installed or PROPNAME</Condition>

The Installed variable only checks for the property value on install rather than uninstall.

The command line for msiexec looks like this:

msiexec -i <msiname.msi> PROPNAME="PROPVALUE"
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Thanks a lot :) This was really helpful. A combination of all the answers on this page helped resolve my issue :) –  Mark Nov 15 '11 at 15:01

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