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I tried the async mail plugin on my dev machine. everything worked fine. after deploying the app on the prod machine (tomcat7) mail delivery did not work anymore. no error, warn or info messages appeared in the log files.

I think the quartz jobs are not getting executed. So i created my own quartz jobs and fired it by using 'triggerNow' method. same game agian. on dev o.k., on prod no message occurred.

jconsole displays all quartz worker threads as running. it seems that the threads have been sleeping since they were created.

Does anyone face the same problem when using quartz?

I'm using:

  1. grails 1.3.7
  2. quartz 0.4.2
  3. tomcat 7.x
  4. asynchronous-mail 0.2.1 (depends on quartz)
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Does it use the java mail api to do the actual mailing? I remember having a similar issue with the mail plug-in where the java mail jar included in development builds, but not the production build. –  Todd Nov 11 '11 at 14:41
uuuhhhh, how embarrasing! after carefully reading the quartz documentation i found following sentence "By default, jobs will not be executed when running under the test environment.". yes, i made a failure in my description. i deployed the web app on the test system and not on the prod. –  hitty5 Nov 14 '11 at 9:13
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