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I am very new to android development. I want to create a dynamic bar at the bottom of the activities as log in bar. Without authentication, user is not able to see the member functions (can see only log in button) but can browse thought the pages. After user log in, the member function always display at the bottom bar. If users browse to another activity, this bar always stick on the page, but only the content has the changing page motion.

Currently, I am using include to add small piece of log in layout to every activity layout, but it seems like I always have to create two layouts for every activity view: one for not member and another for member. When I have many activities, it becomes a nightmare.

Thus, I would like to ask for the better practical ways to do this. Also giving me some examples will be appreciated.

If my questions is unclear, please let me know.

Sorry for my English and thank you in advance.

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