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i am trying to make some kind of reflex like game for android, which draws circles in random places and the user must tap those circles as fast as possible. i am trying to make and addcircle(int amount) method, but for that i would like to redraw the same class, as it is the idea that the circles expand and then contract. so something like canvas.draw(MyCircleClass) would work. is it possible to create such a class that can be drawn to a canvas?

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You can wrap a class that can be drawn to a Canvas, like Rect, Bitmap etc. Then to draw it on a Canvas you would call canvas.drawRect(myRectWrapper.getRect()).

The other way would be to wrap the Canvas itself. Then you can pass anything you like to it as long as you provide a method to transform your class into something, the Canvas can draw. It would look like myCanvasWrapper.draw(myClass). Inside the draw(myClass), your canvas wrapper would call canvas.drawX(transformToX(myClass))

The bottom line is that at some point you will need to call adrawX() method the original Canvas, providing one of the types it can handle.

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Why not just create a method in your class void drawToCanvas(Canvas canvas)?

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