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I use Chrome 15.0.874.106 m

My issue may be related to (but not quite the same) : Strange scrollbars around the svg background in chrome or scrollbars in chrome
Considering these other stackoverflow questions on Chrome+svg, i suspect a bug in chrome.

So my issue :
i include an svg in a simple html page.
Under chrome everything seems fine. When i zoom in, svg is correctly resized.
Issue is that when i zoomOut then, some unwanted scrollbars show right and below.
(as i use a mouse wheel, they sometime show only once every other mouse wheel click).
I tried to style overflow:hidden or overflow:visible : scrollbars are still there.
Whenever i reload, display is fine again : scrollbars disappear.

You can have a look at this test html file (if you use chrome !) :

Any (easy) fallback solution ? Thanks

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This is a bug in the WebKit rendering engine, so the problem is reproducible in both Chrome and Safari. The bug has been fixed in Version 528+ on Nov 18, 2011, and I verified it is fixed in the most recent nightly build.

Hopefully that means the next major release of both Chrome and Safari will fix the problem.

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Thanks @Dave. I received last week the confirmation from chromium@googlecode.com that issue 107520 is now fixed. I can't +1 your answer as i don't have enough reputation, but you deserve it ! –  gerard Jan 28 '12 at 9:02

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