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How do I maintain the selected value of dropdownlist in MVC3?

I'm using the following code to create the drop down list:

<%= Html.DropDownList("PEDropDown", 
        new { onchange = "this.form.action='/Screener/Screener';this.form.submit();" }
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Here is one example, I use. I am not sure, this is the way you use to populate the DropDownList

<%=Html.DropDownList("ddlCategories", IEnumerable<SelectListItem>)ViewData["PEDropDown"], "CategoryId", "CategoryName", Model.CategoryId), "Select Category", new { onchange = "this.form.action='/Screener/Screener';this.form.submit();"})%>

Another way is, make a select list in controller as follows

List<SelectListItem> CategoryList = new List<SelectListItem>();
                foreach (var item in Categories)

                    CategoryList.Add(new SelectListItem
                        Selected = Model.CategoryId, 
                        Text = item.CategoryName, Value = Convert.ToString(item.CategoryId) });

and use in view as

<%:Html.DropDownList("ddlCategories",IEnumerable<SelectListItem>)ViewData["PEDropDown"], "CategoryId", "CategoryName", new { onchange = "this.form.action='/Screener/Screener';this.form.submit();"})%>
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I'm not 100% sure I get what you want to do, but I assume you want to get the selected value from the dropdown list?

In that case:

new { onchange = "alert(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);" }

I put it in an alert for now, because I don't know what you want to do with the value

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The problem is after the value is selected from a dropdown a post method is called and thus it loses its selected value –  user1019480 Nov 15 '11 at 9:16

pass the value back into your controller and then populate a List of SelectListItems in the controller:

public actionresult yourmethod (int idToPass)

List<SelectListItem> SLIList = new List<SelectListItem>();
foreach (Model model in dropdownList)
   SelectListItem SLI = new SelectListItem();
   SLI.text = model.CategoryName;
   SLI.selected = model.CategoryId == idToPass;
   ViewData["myDDL"] = SLIList;
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You may try this. Using ViewBag instead of ViewData (I suggest, it is better to use Model object)

Html.DropDownList("PEDropDown", new SelectList(ViewBag.PEDropDown, "Key", "Value", Model.PEDropDownSelectedValue), new { onchange = "document.location.href = '/ControllerName/ActionMethod?selectedValue=' + this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;" }))

The fourth argument in SelectList is the selected value. It must be passed using the model object. When you call the particular action method, set the model object as below.

public ActionResult ActionMethod(string selectedValue)
    ViewModelPE objModel = new ViewModelPE();
    // populate the dropdown, since you lost the list in Viewbag
    ViewBag.PEDropDown = functionReturningListPEDropDown();
    objModel.PEDropDownSelectedValue = selectedValue;
    return View(objModel);
    // You may use the model object to pass the list too instead of ViewBag (ViewData in your case)
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