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I have problem taking user input in C. I want to take the first number only. I filter the user input from characters but when I enter 2 digits(wrong user input) the program starts to behave strange

it displays:

Turn 2 : What number? 21
Turn 2 : What number?  1 6 2 4 2

//User input validation
int GetColorGuess(int counter)
    int color=1;
    int inputChar=' ';
        printf("Turn %d : What number? ",counter);
    while(inputChar<((int)'1') || inputChar>selectedColorSize+'0');

    color = digit_to_int(inputChar);

    return color;
//convert char which represents digit to int
int digit_to_int(char d)
 char str[2];
 str[0] = d;
 str[1] = '\0';
 return (int) strtol(str, NULL, 10);

Can anyone help me what is the problem?

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When entering "21" your first getchar() reads the '2', the next getchar, which probably should eat the newline, reads the '1'. when then entering "3" your first getchar reads the newline and your second getchar() reads the '3'. Change your code to use sscanf instead.

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