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Well, I was able to simply enough (after about an hour of googling) implement i18n (internationalization) into my Flex application by having to reverse engineer the Flex SDK and do a lot of digging (a specific question on here helped me a lot! (with some updates for flex 4.5)).

The problem is, I can't use my {getLand('key')} bind inside an <fx:XMLList> (how you define the contents of a <mx:MenuBar>. I've included some example i18n below, as well as an example of the menu bar.

<!-- Example of proper (working) i18n -->
<s:TextArea text="{getLang('Rules')}"/>

<!-- Problem Area (a bare bones example) -->
<!-- Error message in IDE: Access of undefined property _application_XMLList1 -->
<mx:MenuBar labelField="@label">
        <menuitem label="{getLang('File')}"/>
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Try putting the XMLList outside of the menubar, like so:

  <fx:XMLList id="_menuStuff">
    <menuitem label="{getLang('File')}"/>

<mx:MenuBar labelField="@label" dataProvider="{_menuStuff}"/>

That should work, good luck!

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