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Sorry, may be a stupid question. I have 2 tables with parent - child relationship. For each parent, there are more than 10 records in the child table. I want to get only 3 records from child table for each parent. Is it possible with one query in mysql ?

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Follow the link (above) on the [greatest-n-per-group] tag. Or the links under the Related header, on the right. –  ypercube Nov 11 '11 at 13:46

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Here´s a link to an article that explains how to do this.

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Thanks. SELECT users.id, user_name, comment_text FROM user_comments LEFT OUTER JOIN users ON users.id = user_comments.user_id WHERE user_comments.id IN ( SELECT user_comments2.id FROM user_comments user_comments2 LEFT OUTER JOIN user_comments user_comments3 ON ( user_comments2.user_id = user_comments3.user_id AND user_comments2.id < user_comments3.id ) GROUP BY user_comments2.id HAVING COUNT( * ) < 4 ) ORDER BY user_id, id DESC works for me –  binoy Nov 12 '11 at 6:13

in SQL for selecting only specific number of records from the table we use top key word

select top 3 from employee

will return only top 3 records even if the table consists of more than 3 records.

for my SQL you can write the query in

SELECT * FROM [tablename] LIMIT 0,10;

Note if you select both parent-child data in single query you will repeat parent details with respect to your child table.

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TOP is SQL-Server specific. MySQL has LIMIT. –  ypercube Nov 11 '11 at 14:17

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